Revolutionize your brand‘s visual presence with cutting edge displays that‘s more than just interior detail!


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  • Player & CMS
  • Consulting
  • Phone support

19 €/month



  • Player & CMS
  • Consulting
  • Professional display
  • Phone & Onsite support

from 29 €/month



  • Player & CMS
  • Consulting
  • Professional display
  • Phone & Onsite support
  • Audience measurement solution
  • Screen location selection

from 49 €/month


Unique Edge

Display as a service


Display as a service  is a concept that refers to the provision of display technologies as a subscription-based service. Essentially, instead of purchasing displays outright and having to deal with maintenance, upgrades, and other issues on your own, you can instead pay a provider to handle all of those aspects for you.

Parameterized templates


To get a professional result, you won't need the skills of a designer, just fill in a few fields in the form and a new, professional video clip will be generated automatically with the click of a button.

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An artificial intelligence camera system allows you to know your target audience. The collected information is analyzed without violating the GDPR.

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Other services

  • Background music

In almost every area of ​​service or sales, background music plays a very important role in sales results.

We offer a complete set of services, from license to software.

  • Screen place selection

Where to hang the screen? Which way to turn? Lower or higher?  An artificial intelligence camera system will answer these questions before screens are purchased.

Utilise advertising space efficiently! 

  • Traffic analysis

With the help of artificial intelligence and cameras, we can not only count the flow of people, but also tell which way potential customers went, where they looked.

We will select the optimal location for the flow calculation. 

  • Complex display solution

​​​​​​​All display solutions you need from 1 stop shop at the touch of a button.